Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

It’s March and I’ve been revisiting my goals that I set out for this year on my vision board (read more about creating one here.) If gaining control of your health is on your “to do” list, I have some easy ways to get started with little to no prep time. I promise you no detox or crazy diets necessary!

Drink More Water

Drinking more water can seem daunting for most people, but hydration has so many benefits. Drinkinh enough water each day can improve skin, sleep and even digestion. The rule of thumb is to get about half of your body weight in ounces each day. If you are 150 lbs, that puts you at 75 ounces! A few years ago I purchased this giant water bottle from Amazon and I’ve never looked back. This baby is kind of a pain to lug around, but that only motivates me to drink it faster! This bottle holds 64 ounces and that’s a pretty awesome start for most.

The Monster Water Bottle Goes Everywhere

Go on a Screen Diet

When we think about health, we often neglect these little suckers that steal a lot of our time and energy. I have a whole lot of reasons why screens scare me (read more about that here), but I was still reluctant to limit my own time. At the start of Lent, I decided to work on some limits for myself. Many phones have ways that you can limit your time on particular apps or on the phone altogether. With these limits, I am sleeping better, staying on task more, and working harder on my declutter mission (read about that here). Since I know that I have limits, I’m also less likely to check my phone every single time that it beeps with a notification.

Stop Saying Yes

Are you always too busy? It used to be the story of my life. As an extrovert, I love spending time with others and saying yes to just about every invitation was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, I paid a high price for saying yes to everyone and everything. I was always stressed out. I even stopped enjoying the events that I used to love. Now? I try to prioritize my time with events that are most important to me. I have also consciously built in some unstructured time so that I’m not so overbooked. I have found it very helpful to have a paper calendar so that I can actually see all of the events to which I have committed. When I begin seeing too many events on my calendar, I know that it’s time to say some no’s.

Change One Meal at a Time

Although I love a good detox to jump start my diet, many people don’t work well with drastic changes. If you strive to change one of your meals at a time, you will be on your path to health in no time. If you are used to grabbing a bacon egg and cheese for breakfast, you can make a switch to a healthier option and create a new breakfast habit. Once you are on the right track, keep changing one meal at a time until your whole diet has changed for the better.

Monitor your Screen Time

Declutter Your Space

I started this year off with the hope of organizing my home and it has been going really well. I began to realize that with fewer items, came fewer organizational projects. Know what that means? More free time and less cleaning! I didn’t realize how much stress I was experiencing because of the items in my home. I am not a hoarder or anything, but I did have places in my home where shelves and drawers were very full. After getting rid of things little by little, I found that these places are not only organized, but STAYING organized. If you think you may have too much stuff, check out this post about micro-organizing your home a little bit at a time.

Being healthy isn’t simply about diet and exercise. There are so many ways to improve your health with a few simple changes. What are some things you have done to improve your health?

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