Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

The sunshine has arrived and my girl and I are certified beach bums. I know some of you moms out there cringe at the thought of packing and getting organized for a beach trip with the kiddos. Not to worry! I have some of my favorite picks to make your beach trips easy peasy.

The beach cart sometimes carries children as well

The Beach Cart

I have to admit that this was a hard sell for me. It seemed way more trouble than it was worth. Do I really need an extra contraption in my trunk? The short answer is, yes. This beach cart saves lives. You can cram it full of snacks, beverages, towels, toys, umbrellas and blankets. Simply roll this bad boy onto the sand and you have hands free for your kiddos. These carts save you from trying to balance all of your bags and straps as you walk in the blazing heat. It’s easy to unfold and refold to limit the amount of sweating and aggravation. Nobody likes stuff that doesn’t work while their children are screaming. You will not regret this purchase.

The Trash Bag

I can’t take full credit for this idea, as I stole it from a friend. It is genius. If you are like us, your family also needs an exceptionally large number of snacks at the beach. Tired of walking back and forth to the garbage can? Me too. I simply bring a grocery bag and hang it on the umbrella for all the wrappers, wipes, sandwich crusts and crab legs. On our way out, we dump it right in the trash can. No trips across the hot sand necessary.

Sunscreen Sticks

Although there has been some debate about the safety of sunscreen, we are a fair-skinned bunch. Sunscreen is not optional for us. We typically use lotion before we arrive, but prefer the sunscreen sticks for touch ups. It’s easy to apply and hands free.

Baby Powder

Never underestimate the power of baby powder on sandy bodies. I guess I mean wet and sandy bodies. I prefer that my sand remain at the beach, but my girl doesn’t always cooperate. Baby powder is a quick and painless way to get wet sand off wiggly bodies. If you are racing home for nap time, the baby powder can speed up the process of getting the sandy kids de-sanded and into the car in no time.

Umbrella Anchors

Until about two years ago, I didn’t even know what an umbrella anchor was and now I can’t live without them. The umbrella anchor is just what it sounds like. It’s an awesome little tool that keeps your beach umbrella from lifting off even on the windiest of days. Some umbrellas come with a built in anchor, but you can always purchase one (like this) to attach to any umbrella. This mama spends lots of time on the beach, but shade is necessary!

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