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I must confess that the whole concept of coding is new to me. But then again, I’m old. Coding is basically a language used that allows a developer to tell a computer what to do. Hey coding people, don’t get upset at my overly simplified explanation. I’m just giving everyone some basic background. While coding is new to some schools and parents, it’s certainly not a new concept. Software developers have been using it forever! It seems pretty natural that coding has started to become part of many STEM/STEAM programs across the country.

I had only recently heard a bit about the franchise called Code NinjasΒ  and I was pretty intrigued. I had a chance to meet with Anu Kothandaraman, the new owner of Code Ninjas in Trumbull, Connecticut. As someone who has spent the past two decades working for major corporations in IT, it was a natural progression for her. She is active in the community and passionate about STEM.Β  Although the Trumbull franchise is new, Code NinjasΒ has been operating since 2016.

They offer classes and camps for kids ages 7 through 14 interested in writing code. The idea is to help kids develop an understanding of technology that extends beyond swiping and clicking on apps. Kids might even be interested in creating apps for themselves! Parents can feel comfortable that sending their children to Code Ninjas will be both fun and engaging. Students will have the opportunity to work on their very own screen in a safe environment where they can explore!

The Trumbull location will be offering summer camps, parents night out, drop in classes and more regular sessions during the school year. Could this be the new literacy? Well, I’m not giving up my books just yet, but what a great way to integrate technology and learning into a fun environment.

Interested in learning more? Check them out at their grand opening celebration on June 23rd from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be lots of prizes and deals, but also the opportunity to find out more about this exciting new location.


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  1. Code Ninja’s – Thanks for the article, I found it very interesting, I didn’t even understand the title or had a clue as to what this was going to be about because I’m way over 50 years of age but I’m a believer in being able to teach “an old dog new tricks.” Keep up the great articles

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