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Best Trader Joe's Picks for Moms

I know you are probably already in love with Trader Joe’s. I mean…who isn’t? We have one just a few minutes away and I always pop in to get some of my favorites to have on hand in my pantry or freezer. Although I don’t do all of my shopping here, there are some key items I like to purchase that are budget-friendly, healthy and easy to prepare or use. If you haven’t tried some of these items, you need to! Here are my absolute favorite Trader Joe’s picks for you busy mamas out there.

Fruit Bars:

My daughter absolutely loves these and they come in a variety of flavors. These babies are both inexpensive and nut-free, so I feel comfortable sending them in to school for lunch. There are no sugars or strange chemicals added to these bars, so they are a healthy alternative to some of the granola bars out there. We usually buy them every couple of weeks to have in our snack stash!

Chili Lime Chicken Burgers:

I always keep a stash of these babies in the freezer for nights when I need an easy dinner. They take all of about 15 minutes to prepare in the oven so they are definitely a go-to when we have lots going on. The best part? No sugar and Whole 30 compliant! You can have them on a bun like a regular burger, but we typically avoid bread so I just serve them over greens. My five year old eats the burger all by itself and loves it.

Olive Tapenade:

If you don’t like olives, you can skip on down to my next pick. If you love olives as much as I do, this olive tapenade is the bomb. I’ve served it along with some crackers as a dip or as a spread on toast or bread. When I can, I grab some sprouted corn tortillas and wrap this up with some grilled chicken. So delicious. It’s perfect as a spread on any sandwich.

Salsa Autentica:

Trader Joe’s has a bunch of different salsas available, but I really enjoy their traditional style. It’s not too spicy and you can use it just about anywhere. To add a little more flavor to my recipes, I use this salsa whenever a recipe calls for diced tomatoes. It’s such a great substitute because it adds more flavor and does not contain any sugar or strange ingredients. I have also used this over my taco casserole as well. If you’re more of a chip and dip gal, this works great right on a tortilla chip too.

Cauliflower Rice:

I love cauliflower rice. What I don’t love is making it. I have tried making my own and what I found was that my entire kitchen was filled with tiny little cauliflower crumbs that were so annoying to clean up. The solution? This amazing bagged cauliflower rice that is ready made. You can prepare it just by warming it in a pan and serve it in place of rice. I prefer to add veggies and spices and I have even used this recipe for fried rice, which came out delicious. This is another quick prep winner for our family!

Coconut Chunks:

These frozen coconut chunks are an amazing addition to our usual smoothies. My famous smoothie includes cashew milk, banana, blueberries, peanut or almond butter, mango, and now these coconut chunks. They are a little more difficult to blend if they are straight from the freezer, so I like to make my smoothie the night before (unblended) and stick it in the fridge so that it’s easier to blend in the morning. Like my other picks on this list, these coconut chunks have nothing added!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s picks? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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