Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

I know that I am late to the vision board party, but I finally got around to it. January seemed like the perfect time to create one and focus on some of my goals for the new year. Even though I made some parenting resolutions (more about that here) I thought that I needed to focus on some other aspects of my life. As a mom, it seemed more like a fantasy that I would actually have a few hours in my day to thumb through magazines and make some goals. I decided that a few hours of putting off laundry would definitely be worthwhile. What’s even better? I grabbed a few friends to avoid procrastinating.

Gather Together

While creating my vision board on my own seemed like fun, I thought that gathering with some other ladies would be a great way to make sure I didn’t put it off. Once the invite was out there, I would have to follow through. Plus, what’s more fun than drinking tea and coffee and discussing dreams and goals? Definitely not laundry. It was so much fun to share our challenges and plans for the new year as we pored over images and text for our boards. We had a total of five, which worked out perfectly. If you have more attending, you will want to make sure that everyone has enough space to work. You will definitely need a chunk of time to do this, so plan at least three hours to get things done.

Grab Supplies

If you are hosting, be sure to have supplies ready. It’s easy to grab supplies for everyone, but you can also opt to ask for guests to bring specific things. I decided to grab the supplies and only asked guests to bring extra magazines and catalogs if they had any on hand.

Suggested Supplies

  • Poster Board – I bought a pack of ten at Target
  • Magazines – People are always willing to give these away!
  • Markers/Sharpies – I have an endless supply
  • Glue sticks – The kid-friendly ones work just fine
  • Scissors – I had lots available (#teachermom)
  • Card-stock/Colored paper – In case anyone wanted to write down their own quote/motto
  • Planners and Notebooks (for jotting down ideas)

Start with 100

Beginning a vision board can feel overwhelming if your guests do not know where to begin. Providing some guidance can be helpful to push everyone in the right direction. We began thinking of 100 things (yes, 100) that we wanted in our lives. These 100 things could be something simple like clearing clutter out of a closet or making a small purchase. In other cases it was something more substantial like saving a significant amount of money or purchasing a vacation home. Nothing was too big or too small for the list. Although our focus was a board for 2019, even our most complex desires require a bit of basic planning. No better time than the present to sow the seeds for future endeavors.

Divide and Conquer

Why so many resolutions fail is because we try to attempt too much at once. We picked four categories that were most important to us. We chose everything from finances to relationships. Each one of us had a different combination of categories for our focus. After creating our categories, we headed back over to that big list of 100 and really drilled down to which items were most important. It was very eye-opening for many of us as we looked back at those lists. For example, if one of our categories was health and we had very few health-related goals on our list of 100, we had to evaluate some of our goals. We focused on a total of 3-5 goals for each category and those became the inspiration for our boards.

Two Boards in Process

Start the Vision Board

This part of the planning took the most time and the process is unique for everyone. Because I am a linear thinker, I divided my board into the categories I had chosen and began to search for images and quotes that fit into each. Some of the other more creative ladies simply looked for inspiration and began organizing their board that way. There is no right way to do the board! The most important thing is that you have a visual representation of some of your most important goals and aspirations for the new year.

A vision board can be a great way to refocus your goals any time of the year. Although many people start them in January, any month works just as well. The idea is to get those goals on the board and to get out there and start achieving them!

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