Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

If the thought of preparing and baking Christmas cookies makes you want to scream, this is the post for you. Baking cookies is a family tradition (more Christmas traditions here), so I have been baking cookies every year since I can remember. I have made more cookie mistakes than I can count. However, I have learned a few tips and tricks that make my holiday cookie baking easier. Happy baking!

Compile your list:

Have some standard favorites? I typically have a few standards, but I always like to experiment with new recipes. Whatever your style, planning is key. You can grab some inspiration on Pinterest and create a board with your favorites. Not sure where to begin? Think about some of the flavors you would like to taste in your cookies. I also like to make sure there are a variety of types and flavors on my list so that there is something for everyone.

Plan Ahead:

Once you have your list of potential cookies, take the time to skim through the recipe! I can not tell you how many times I put a recipe on my list, only to find out that the recipe was incredibly labor intensive. Most times I realized this while I was midway through the preparation. Not fun. Now, I spend the time to look over both the ingredients and the steps so that I know just what I am getting into. Recipes with ingredients that are difficult to find don’t make the cut. If I see candy thermometers and stove top directions, I know it’s not the cookie for me. Thinking about making a cake instead? Read my post about cakes here.

Buy ingredients in bulk:

I tend to make a master list with all of the necessary ingredients because there is always some crossover. Items like butter, sugar and flour are pretty much standards in any cookie recipe. I tend to buy those things in bulk at either BJ’s or Costco since it is much more economical. I also don’t have to make a zillion trips to the store in order to restock my stash.

One Batch at a Time:

Before kids, I used to spend hours upon hours prepping and baking multiple batches of cookies on the same day. With a full-time job and a sixe year old, that doesn’t quite work. These days, I double or triple a single recipe and work on just that one recipe. Since I make anywhere from 5-12 different kinds of cookies, I’ve learned that baking multiple batches at the same time can make for hectic prep. Working on a single recipe allows me to accomplish more in a smaller amount of time.

Freeze and Bake:

Freezing unbaked cookie dough is my secret weapon. Once I have all my cookie dough made for each batch, I simply freeze it in Ziploc bags and bake as needed. There are so many benefits to freezing unbaked dough! Since I can bake whenever I need them, I don’t have to bake them too close to the holiday. I don’t have to worry about storing or preserving cookies and I can avoid sneaking too many before Christmas. To save time, I label my freezer bags with the oven temp, cook time and name of cookie. When I pull out a few for baking, I don’t have to go back and find the recipe! Although most cookies freeze well, please check your recipe for specific information about your cookie of choice.

Holiday baking can be a tradition that the whole family can enjoy. The key is prepping and planning for a fun and delicious experience. Listed below are some of my favorite cookie recipes! I would love to hear what you are making this season.

Magic Cookie Bars

Brandied Eggnog Cookies

Mini Chip Snowball Cookies 

Chocolate Cherry Cookies



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