Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

A few years back I was invited to a “Favorite Things” party with Fairfield County Moms Blog. About a year later, my local Mom’s Club hosted one as well. Who was I to ignore the trend on this fun (and easy) party with friends? If you haven’t heard of a Favorite Things Party, listen up! It’s such a great way to exchange gifts with friends in a fun way.

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How it Works:

Everyone has a favorite thing, right? Presumably, more than one favorite thing. The host (or group) decides on a spending limit for each favorite thing and each person brings three. For example, if someone set my limit at $14, I would be all over giving my favorite LipGlass from MAC- Times three. Each guest brings three gifts that are exactly the same to share at the party and they get to go home with three new things!

The Pre-Party:

We decided to extend the hours of the party a bit and include the kiddos for a little while. I had a few easy activities to keep them occupied and a few of us put together some dinner for them (think mac and cheese and chicken nuggets). The kiddos played with foam and stickers like this Christmas Ornament Craft Kits , and also decorated some cookies with icing and sprinkles. I set everything up before the kids arrived so that they would have something ready for them!

The Food:

I put together a bunch of apps and desserts that everyone could enjoy. Chunks of cheese and pretzels were perfect for the kids to grab. For the moms I did a carchuterie platter with some awesome cheeses I found at Trader Joe’s. We also had some chips and my favorite Lantana hummus. no party would be complete without some wine, but we also had a cocktail tasting! My friend experimented on a few recipes and we got to be the guinea pigs.


Our Favorite Things:

Once the kids were all in bed, we began the exchange.  There are so many different ways to do this, but we simply had three cups with names to draw. As we drew, each person was gifted by the name on the paper. After each of us had three gifts, we drew names again to see what we would open first!  It sounds complicated but it is so much fun. Last year we did some “stealing” like you might see in a Yankee Swap, but this year we were all so happy that we didn’t even bother. So, what were our favorite things? Everything from bracelets and ornaments to aloe socks and wine. We had goat’s milk soap and hot cocoa, movie tickets and wine totes. We sipped wine and giggled about all of the tough decisions we had to make in order to select the perfect gift.

A Cozy Fire and Friendship:

Although we had the hubs stoking the fire for us, the most warmth came from our friendship. It didn’t matter what gifts we gave or how much we spent. It didn’t matter that we had delicious wine and food throughout the night. The best part of the evening was laughing and spending time together. We love each kid in our group as if they were our own, but we always recognize the need for some mommy time that doesn’t involve the kiddos. It was one of the highlights of our busy holiday season. If you don’t nurture those friendships in your life, they won’t be around long. How lucky I am to have these ladies and their children in my life.


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