Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Each new year brings new resolutions and with it, new financial goals. Taking a look at your financial situation can be overwhelming, especially when you may be considering major changes in your spending or investing. Most people aren’t very open about their current financial situation, as it can be considered a taboo topic to discuss with others. When thinking about financial planning, many consider it to be something for the 1% to be concerned about and not the average middle class family. I interviewed Brie Sodano at From Sheep to Shark to get the skinny on financial planning for the average mama. We had an incredible conversation with me throwing out some legit concerns an average person might say to a financial planner.

{This is not a sponsored post. I received no monetary compensation for this article other than the discount being offered to readers for the upcoming event.}

I don’t have any extra money to work with:

One of the most common misconceptions in financial planning is that you have to have “money to invest” in order to seek out financial guidance. Apparently, that’s not true. Sodano parallels financial planning with the medical profession. Most seek the help of a physician when they fall ill or when something is bothering them, so why not seek counsel for your finances when your portfolio is less than perfect? A financial planner like Brie can help not only help you to analyze your spending habits but also help you to reach your personal financial goals. Sodano says that people have a variety of financial goals that differ widely from person to person.

It’s not necessarily about being debt free:

One of the takeaways from my conversation was that being debt free isn’t necessarily a goal. Wait. What? That’s right. Brie tends to dig a little deeper than the average planner. If being debt free will help you save money towards the purchase of your first home or go on a world tour, then she is completely on board. Paying off debt is fantastic, but it isn’t necessarily what she would consider a financial goal.

She’s not selling investments:

Many people shy away from financial planners because of the belief that planning involves investing. If you are a candidate for investing, Sodano can certainly help you with that, but it isn’t the main focus of her practice.  In fact, quite a few of Brie’s clients have different priorities. Some find themselves in a place where they are struggling with maximizing their current income. They may even be carrying some credit card debt or feeling strangled by decades old student loans.  All seek ways to make their money work for them and not the other way around.

Why add another expense?

I asked Brie why someone who was worried about their debt might take on an additional expense to procure a financial planner. Her answer was simple. She works with clients for roughly six months with the goal of setting them on the right path. Her goal is not to have someone dependent on her for advice for the rest of their lives, but to educate her clients enough so that they can put the tools into practice on their own. She believes that this one time investment can have lifelong benefits. She even says that most clients can see drastic changes within the first month or so. Now that is pretty amazing.

We want a taste:

If you aren’t quite ready to sign on with Brie, she is hosting an incredible two day event at the start of January. For $125 you can attend and learn some of her most valuable tips and tricks. It isn’t a sales pitch. Sodano has promised not to load the days up with teasers and no real work. She says that any attendee will walk away with tools they can actually implement immediately that will change their financial outlook. She is offering us a discounted rate of $99, which is pretty amazing.

Looking for more information?

Check out Brie’s Facebook event page here. This will give you some more information about the event. If you are ready to purchase tickets, we have a special login for discounted tickets here so it’s easy peasy! If you are interested with working with Brie directly, please email her at or check out her Facebook page here!


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