Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Mother and baby

Christmas is my favorite holiday: I can honestly say that it’s not because I like getting gifts. I really love giving gifts that are unique and special. For me, it isn’t just the day, but the whole season. I love baking and decorating the house. I love the smell of Pier 1’s Cranberry Balsam room spray. I love the cooking, parties, movies and the beautiful lights. I keep our tree up from November to January. My husband isn’t too crazy about the electric bill.

christmas ornament

I gave up reality TV: I’m not going to lie. I was a complete Bravo TV junkie. If they put it on Bravo, I was watching. My husband used to say that he was losing brain cells by the minute during my Jersey Shore obsession. Almost two years ago, I just went cold turkey. I was so tired of the emotional investment. I was stressed out when the Real Housewives we’re fighting. I was devastated when Lamar and Khloe broke up. I couldn’t take it anymore. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not judging you. I just needed some of my emotional strength back.

I never planned to be a SAHM: I have pretty much had a full-time job since I was 16, and for a long time, I worked multiple jobs. Working was all I had ever known. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I tried to imagine what it might be like to stay home (hint: it was nothing I had imagined) and I freaked out a little bit. Once I gave birth, all bets were off. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with that little girl. I have never really been a full-time SAHM, since I’ve always juggled at least two jobs at a time.

I only like my hair blonde: Every few years I get the desire to try something different. This usually comes in the form of a new hair color. A few years ago it was balayage, before that it was some auburn-y shade and many moons ago it was jet black. While I’m always envious of you ladies rocking that ombre, I just never feel like myself until I’m Platinum blonde. Do I have a bit of blonde-a-rexia? You bet.

I don’t drink coffee: Did I hear you gasp? I might be the only mom on the planet who doesn’t reach for a cup of java to keep her going in the morning. I used to be a coffee junkie, but because I’m super high energy as it is, the coffee just makes me buzz around like an angry bee. Also, I can never sleep once I have had a cup of coffee. And no sleep for mom means everybody pays the price. Not good for anyone.

coffe cup

If you were a close friend, none of these things would surprise you and you would probably have some more colorful little tidbits to add. Thankfully, my close friends don’t get to write blogs about me!

4 thoughts on “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I️ just read this and learned 2 things. We might be the same exact person. And it’s actually Bad AS A mother and not Bad ASS mother. I️ promise, I️ can read lol xoxo

  2. Love this! Yes, still taking me some time to afjust to not working and SERIOUSLY thought I was the only one thst put up my tree mid November 😄

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