Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

By now you have probably heard all about Marie Kondo’s organization techniques. Although I haven’t watched her show, I have heard some of her awesome tips to organize space. That being said, I simply do not have a zillion hours to dump all of my clothing into a pile and ponder whether or not each piece brings me joy (no offense, Marie!). If you’re still interested in getting on the decluttering bandwagon but are a busy mom, I have some suggestions for you. Read on to find out how I am working to organize my home in 2019.

Think Small

Whenever I have tried to organize a space in my home, it’s usually been a fairly large space. Ever have that moment of “I’m going to reorganize my entire basement in one day?” Been there. And it hasn’t been pretty. I usually spend the early part of that project really eliminating useless stuff with gusto. About two hours in, I realize I don’t have enough time and the project is over. I start just trying to clean up the mess and shoving things back into their original spots. Half done and never finished. Sound familiar? Enter micro-organization. If you are ADD/ADHD it is truly helpful and helps focus. I take a very small space (for example a single drawer in my dresser) and just declutter and clean it. That’s it. Not only can I finish it in a reasonable amount of time, but I can also feel accomplished! I don’t have the guilt of leaving the project unfinished when I have to make dinner or read stories at bedtime. I love using this website called Organize 365 for ideas about tackling those small spaces.

One small cabinet completed in just 15 minutes

Hop Around

While most organizational strategies involved starting in one area and sticking with it, mine does not. Why? Sometimes life just isn’t all that neatly packaged and organized. Last week was a snow day and my daughter wanted to watch a movie in our basement. Even though I had started some micro projects in my bedroom, I wanted to hang with her in the basement. Instead of feeling frustrated that I couldn’t work on another area of my bedroom, I took to the laundry room instead. The best part? I got another project done and I still got to watch the movie with my daughter. This strategy also allows me to address small problems when I have a limited amount of time. If I only have 15 minutes, I might choose to take on the top of my dresser instead of my refrigerator and that’s okay. As long as I can declutter, I know that I am making progress.

Small, Consistent Efforts

I started the year thinking that I would do a little bit of organization each day. As of February 1 I have stayed pretty consistent. However, there were days when I didn’t do a single thing. Life happens, especially for us mamas. There were weeks when I simply couldn’t work on even the smallest project because of work or travel. On the other hand, there were other days when I was able to squeeze in more than one project so it balanced out. The beautiful thing about taking on these small projects is that they work with the ebb and flow of motherhood. Even though I am a month in, I can see the little tidy areas in my home and these motivate me to keep going!

Creating an inventory after cleaning out my freezer


I am in recovery from “scarcity mindset” which was a result of my time spent growing up in severe financial turmoil. I purchased many things “just in case” and spent all of my effort and energy finding places for these items and buying more things to store said items. And for what? There’s nothing wrong with saving for a rainy day or buying extra when there is a fantastic sale. However, there’s something to be said for holding onto items that take too much of our time to store and organize. This year I have been thinking about the idea of de-owning. Do I really need 17 pairs of black leggings for the gym? Probably not. I really started to take stock of the items that I used regularly and those items that were just extra and barely used. If the items you are organizing and storing are never seen or used, consider selling or donating them. Why hold onto items that literally serve no purpose in your daily life?

While my home is by no means as organized as I would like, I am really happy with the progress that I have made so far. Organization doesn’t have to be a ten hour, all out, insane project. Just take it little by little and watch your babysteps become milestones. I mean, if it was your goal for 2019, we still have quite a few days left to reach those goals. Happy Organizing!

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