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Thanksgiving table with pumpkin pie and bread

Friendsgiving might very well be the greatest holiday ever!¬†I had my first experience with Friendsgiving last year and it was a fabulous time. So what makes planning Friendsgiving so amazing? The company, of course. No crazy relatives to worry about. No stress about locations and menus beforehand. It is basically everything you love about Thanksgiving without everything you don’t. If you’re thinking about putting together your very first Friendsgiving, I have some easy ways to make it work!

appetizer and Friendsgiving wine glass

Divide and Conquer

I don’t know about you, but I host just about every holiday. It can be exhausting at times, especially with a small child and working several jobs. Hosting Friendsgiving is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone and dividing up the work is the best way to accomplish this. Simply make a list of all of your needs and have your guests decide what they would like to bring.¬†Because we had a fairly large group last year, (27 in total) we did a bit of planning. We made a spreadsheet and asked each person to pick two things that they would like to make. Doing so allowed us to have a nice variety of Friendsgiving recipes and to minimize the work on each individual.

Buck Tradition

Does everyone in your crew hate turkey? If so, take it right off the menu. While this is modeled after a traditional Thanksgiving feast, you and your guest should feel free to create a menu which includes whatever you most enjoy. It was so much fun to explore different styles of cooking and to see how each of us put our own spin on traditional Thanksgiving fare. If you are really into it, you could have your guests bring a copy of their recipes as well.

Keep the Kiddos Entertained

A separate table for the kiddos is a smart move. We set out some crayons and our tablecloth had puzzles and space for coloring. This kept the kiddos engaged while they waited for their food. To reduce the complaints, we made the same exact plate for each child. Each child could choose to eat whichever items they enjoyed most and leave the rest on their plate. Everyone seemed to enjoy the variety!

Keep it Stress Free

The whole point of Friendsgiving is to have an easy and stress free get-together. With that in mind, our crew opted for paper plates and plastic cutlery. Easy setup and cleanup was the name of the game. If your gang calls for a Pinterest-worthy afternoon, by all means go for it! This holiday is all about enjoying the food and the company without all the stress and pressure of making things perfect.

Nobody says Thanksgiving has to be spent with family! Many of us did, but others did not. Whether it be distance or circumstance, good friends and good food should be the goal of this holiday. If you are planning a Friendsgiving bash, I would love to hear how it turned out!


This post was originally published on November 27, 2017 and was updated on November 14, 2018

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