Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Let’s be real, Christmas is a crazy time of year. Social events, school functions, family traditions and basic holiday hubbub fill the month of December and possibly even before to the holiday season begins! There is so much pressure to do so much, it hurts my brain just thinking about it. Let’s get back the real reason for Christmas and what it entails.

I want my children to understand the meaning of Christmas, not just in the religious sense but in the sense of family and love.  These feelings will instill memories in my children that they will remember for years to come and hopefully instill in their own children.

The Presents:

The first thing my husband and I agreed on when it came to Christmas was presents. Holy crap the presents!  I’ll say it, my kids are spoiled when it comes to presents from family members. This is the reason we as parents decided to keep it simple. We follow the 5 present rule: Wear, Read, Need, Want (2) and that’s it. Yes they get stockings too but they get underwear and socks! So exciting right?! These are things they NEED. They will wear them and I won’t want to throw them away after 24 hours like I will do with so many things my kids receive. I encourage our children to really think about something they want, something that would make them happy. This year my son wants a green show shovel and a broom so he can help Daddy. These are exactly the things he will be getting and the reason behind them makes my heart swell!

The Pressure:

Christmas time brings lots of pressure. Pressure to do EVERYTHING! We simply can’t be everywhere, with everyone, doing everything there is to offer to celebrate the holiday. First, there’s no time and second, we would be broke. We have our family traditions and we make those special! Just last weekend we rode on the train with Santa and Santa also arrived on the fire truck to our house! These are 2 of our favorite Christmas traditions that we make sure to attend. Our children have a great time with friends and it brings joy to all. Besides these two family traditions, we fit in what we can. Yes during the week, I am able to do things with our kids and friends like go see Santa or visit my son’s classroom for his holiday party.

The True Meaning:

The holidays are not a time to stress! They are a time to enjoy and love and laugh! My family and I will be driving around looking at Christmas lights tomorrow night because we can, not because we have to. We make a point to do the events and things that mean the most to our children and not to hit some stupid holiday quota! Do what makes you and your family happy. If it is stressing you out, don’t do it. Take the time to see Christmas through your children’s eyes and the love they have for such a joyous season.

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