Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

If you are a SAHM it’s probably not often that you get the accolades you deserve. Although I am a part time working mom (yes, that sucks and you can find out about that here), I get to be a SAHM every summer, so I know how rough it can be. I’m not here to tell you how hard it is, because you already know that. I will not tell you how you are doing a great job, because you are. I’m here to thank you for saving me, and probably countless other working moms who can never repay you for your kindness.

I don’t have family close by and working a part time requires a great deal of flexibility and juggling. My odd hours do not work with a traditional daycare schedule and many babysitters are unable to accommodate such hours. SAHM, that is where you come in. You generously offer to watch my child on a regular basis, even though you have your hands full. You are flexible and accommodating even when I have to change my schedule.

When my child is off from school, you are the mom who offers to watch my daughter so that I don’t have to panic about missing a class that I am scheduled to teach. You are the person who will welcome my child into your home and assure me that she will have a wonderful day as I head off to work in a snowstorm.

When I need to meet with a client, you are the woman who is ready and willing to help me without hesitation. You treat my daughter like family and she loves the feeling of having some siblings for the day. She even gets to try some new games and snacks while she spends time with you and your children.

As the day goes on, you send me pictures of all the fun she is having. You may even drive her somewhere fun or take her on some errands. Ordinary things become new and exciting adventures with you. I know that your services are worth far more than I could ever pay you. There is no amount of money in the world to compensate a mom so filled with love and selflessness. Even when you are tired and weary, you never cancel.

So thank you, moms. For your generosity and your warmth and compassion. I hope I speak for many of us working moms when I say that we couldn’t do our (other) jobs without you.

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