Holiday 2017: Top Gift Recommendations

Holiday 2017: Top Gift Recommendations

This is not a sponsored post. Full disclosure: I may get a few pennies if you click on my Amazon links, but if this bothers you, please don’t click on them.

It’s that time again, kids! If you’re already thinking about holiday shopping, you aren’t alone. Here is a list of some of my favorite holiday gifts. They are in no particular order and I tried to think of lots of different people on my holiday list.  If you came here for some of my favorite Christmas traditions, head on over here. If all else fails, there’s always wine and chocolate. Happy Shopping!

Bourbon Advent Calendar: I bought this for my husband last year and he loved it. He had just started to get into bourbon and this was a great little sampler to help him decide which bottles to invest in. Bourbon not your thing? They have plenty of other options like tequila, scotch, or vodka. Please drink responsibility. Or not. I probably won’t know about it.

Nixplay Seed Frame: grandparents from everywhere absolutely love this frame! If they aren’t tech savvy, you can even set it up for them. It allows the account user (me) to upload recent pics right from my phone to the frame in real time. They constantly have new images in their frame that rotate while it’s on. Such a great gift for those without smartphones (like my mom) and those you don’t see very often. There is a slightly larger size, but this one seemed to work just fine!


V-Tech Kidizoom Camera: This was my daughter’s second favorite present last Christmas and she uses it almost every single day. I’m not big on electronics, so this was a great alternative. It has voice recording, camera function, video recording ability, and a few games. She spends most of her time recording ridiculous sound effects, but hey, she’s having fun. It takes four AA batteries and they seem to last a long time. I must warn you.  There may be a few unflattering photos of yourself on that camera, but you can delete them pretty easily!


L.L. Bean Unshrinkable Tee: my husband is a self professed “regular guy” which translates into him wearing a uniform of jeans and t-shirts all weekend long. These shirts are well made and do not shrink. Made from a thick cotton they don’t wrinkle and  fit nicely. You definitely can’t go wrong with these shirts for any guy in your life.

Memberships: Memberships are the gifts that keep on giving. They are perfect for families with small children, especially for those winter months when funds are low and the weather is dreary. If you cannot find a membership option, many kid-friendly places will have a punch card for a certain number of classes.  Buy a few and the child will get to go a few times! If you are local, there are my two favorite memberships:

Stepping Stones Children’s Museum in Norwalk

CT Science Museum in Hartford

Edibles or Perishables: I’m obsessed with these cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies. Each cookie comes individually wrapped so they keep well. These cookies are both delicious and beautiful. These treats ship all over the US, so they are perfect for those friends and family members who don’t live nearby! The best part? No need to find a space for this gift! Cookies don’t seem to last too long in our home.

Family Photo Shoot: So many families struggle with investing in family photos. There’s always the notion that you will have someone take a great picture at an event and then it doesn’t actually happen. If you give someone a gift certificate for a photo shoot, they will have to make an appointment to get their family together.  It doesn’t even have to be a holiday photo shoot. In fact, most photographers book up pretty quickly during this time of the year. Getting the whole family together in the spring or summer is still a great way to preserve those memories!  I always use the same photographer for all my shoots and if you’re local, you can check out Derek Sterling Photography here.

Personalized Gear: Something personalized is always great when you can’t think of something unique.  Personalized gifts always let the recipient know that you spent time on selecting their gift!  Moms always love cool mugs and water bottles and what is cuter than a personalized onesie or tote for a little one?  I have been buying from two of my favorites listed here.  Both offer local pickup or ship through their Etsy shops!  Definitely worth a look.  Don’t forget to get your order in early, as many shops like these have deadlines for shipping before Christmas.

Lakeside Creations

The Little Star Company

I would love to hear which holiday gifts made it to your top list!

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