Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

You guys…I’m taking a vacation in less than 48 hours and I feel like I’m losing my mind. I love traveling of any kind, but gone are the days when I had oodles of time to make lists and plan outfits. It’s so not Type-A of me to be last minute, but here we are.  So while I was fantasizing about organizing my entire packing list categorically, I’m sitting at the beach with friends watching our kids play. Here’s how NOT to pack for your next vacation.

I meant to make a list

Don’t Make a List

Whatever you do, do not make a list. That would make it too easy. Then you would have all of the information together in one place. Things like what tasks you needed to accomplish before vacation or what you needed to buy might be on said list. If you can avoid creating this list, you can kind of float through your week randomly driving all over town and trying to purchase the items you think you might need for your trip. Lists are for suckers.

Avoid Laundry

You know that cute romper you were thinking about wearing on your trip? Thinking about that awesome bathing suit that needs a special cold water wash? Don’t worry about them. Leave them in the hamper and forget the laundry. Try not to worry about how many different loads you will have to do in order to accommodate the variety of fabrics and colors you will take on vacation. Just keep letting it pile up until you’re ready to pack. Then attempt to run as many loads of laundry in the shortest possible time frame. Sleep is overrated anyway.

Do Not Make Appointments

Need a bikini wax, manicure or pedicure? Don’t call or plan ahead. Just think of these tasks as your departure date moves closer. Ignore the panic that begins to set in when you realize that you don’t actually have the six consecutive hours that it will take to squeeze in all of your beauty treatments. Be sure to underestimate the amount of time you will need for each appointment and pretend that you are making good use of your waiting time as you scroll through Instagram.

Yup. My empty suitcase

Wait Until the Last Possible Minute

Does packing take a long time? Nah. I only usually take 400 snacks and six bags of stuff for two hours at the beach, so what’s a few more days? Road-tripping? Do not worry about the fact that you will have to find a plethora of things to entertain your children over the course of several hours (Got some road trip tips here). They will be fine. At an airport? Your kids will be just fine. You won’t have to worry at all about delays or getting through the security line. If you are thinking about packing a few days in advance, don’t bother. It’s much more entertaining to run screaming and sweating through the house while attempting to find everything you need. It’s even more fun if you are still in the middle of doing the laundry and the bag is too small.

Just hanging at the beach

Wherever you go, be sure that you spend your very last moments of preparation reading blogs about how not to pack for your vacation. Happy Travels!

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