Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

I am going to give it to you straight; we are all judging. When I say judging, I don’t mean the gossipy, “you are a horrible person” kind of judgment. I’m talking about the compare and assess kind. It’s impossible to live life in a vacuum so I’m going to be the first to say that I compare. It’s a way for us to asses who we want to be as parents and how we want to improve (or not). So therefore, I personally invite you to judge me on some of the things I do as a parent. Whether my actions reinforce some of the things you already do or makes you wonder whether or not I have lost my mind, go right ahead and judge.

My Kid Gets Dessert Every Night

Yes. EVERY night. All you health food maniacs are already writing me off as a harbinger of the worst possible habits, but I assure you that there is a method to my madness. Growing up I was deprived of dessert (I’m going to make my mom mad with this one). Looking back, I feel like I was never able to learn to regulate my sugar intake. Now, I have the opportunity to show my daughter that it’s okay to have a treat each day. Sometimes it’s fruit. Sometimes it’s an ice cream cone. I know. I’m horrible.

Go Ahead Judge me

My Sleep Schedule is Non-negotiable (Mostly)

You fun-loving mamas out there think I am the biggest buzzkill ever. And yes, you are probably right. My kid didn’t even see a firework until she was five. Yes, even in the summer my kid almost always goes to sleep before 8 p.m. I’m gonna be honest. I’m totally selfish. I need my evenings to myself. I know your kids are living a life mine doesn’t even know about. Late nights at the beach, outdoor concerts, amusement parks. Power to ya, mama. I will keep our memory-making to the waking hours.

We Don’t Eat Dinner Together Every Night

Yes, another parenting no-no is on my list. While my daughter and I sit down each night for a meal together, my hubs comes home after we have already eaten. Many nights, I have to run out to work. For those of you having family dinners each night, I’m definitely envious. I know it would be awesome if we could, but right now it’s just not happening.

No Kid Music is Allowed in my Car

Yup, there will be no “Let it Go” marathons in my car. No singing of Kidz Bop while we cruise down the highway. I want to listen to some Pink Floyd and Rick Ross and that’s the way its gonna go. The adults in my life always listened to their own music and I credit my family with my wide variety of musical interests. I know, I know. How could I possibly deprive my child of the beautiful score from Moana? Easy. When she gets her own car, she can listen to Moana on repeat whenever she wants. For now? It’s my way or the New England Thruway.

Alireza Attari

I’m Still Pretty Anti-Screen

Feel free to send the hate mail my way, but I just don’t support giving kids screens (you can read more about why they scare meĀ here). I can see you rolling your eyes at me. I know you think I am depriving my kid of technological skills. You may even be arguing about how your kids learn from apps and TV shows. That’s great! I’m still gonna be anti-screen and you can feel free to judge me all you want.

You see, it’s okay for you to disagree with some of my parenting decisions. I’m okay with it. While we all have different ways of parenting our children, it’s important to recognize that it’s natural for us to look at one another as points of reference. So judge on, mama. You haven’t upset me in the least!





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