Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Girl in bright sneakers.

My four-year-old daughter just hit a growth spurt. You know the kind when your kid jumps two shoe sizes seemingly overnight? The kind when the pants she was wearing last week suddenly appear to be four sizes too small? Yeah that kind of growth spurt. I’m not gonna lie. The pants I can roll with. I’m going to save them for next spring and parlay them into capris, but the shoes are a red alert sitch.

The local Stride Rite store was my usual go-to for my daughter’s shoes, but the stores have all but vanished. I was looking for a dedicated children’s shoe store. Like where am I supposed to go now?

I can hear you all shouting, “just go to Target!” Now y’all know I love Target. I call it the $100 store because that’s pretty much what happens when I go in there for a $5 box of larabars. The shoes don’t seem to last very long IMHO.

Bright pink Converse

But here’s the real issue…is it me, or does every single girl shoe look like it is from the unicorn, bedazzled, bubblegum explosion collection? And those aren’t even including the light up shoes. I can live with the pink. I am definitely not afraid of bright colors (have you seen my logo?). That’s not really what bothers me. Do we have to have hot pink, purple, silver glitter, rhinestone, and turquoise on a single shoe? There isn’t a shoe on the damn rack that is just a single color. What happened to navy? Oh no, those are boys shoes. And black? Not unless you want Mary Jane’s. Last time I checked, strappy patent shoes aren’t so good at keeping rocks and sand out of the socks.

So what are the options? Well, there aren’t many unless you feel like dropping $100 for a pair of UGGs that your kid will grow out of in a month.

Shoe companies…are you listening? How about some nice navy, red, or black shoes that don’t have 400 other colors, light up, or have multi-colored sequins. Not EVERY girl wants to grow up to be Mariah Carey. Just sayin’.

Where do you get shoes for your little girl?


2 thoughts on “Can We Get Some Normal Shoes, Girl?

  1. I don’t have girls but when shopping for my boys I always glance in the girls section and find some cute mini adult sryle normal looking shoes. Crazy8, Plae and Macy’s (finshline) is where ai find the cutest shoes… they are always recieving complements ☺

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