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Are you bad as a mother?

Easter is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar aside from Christmas (read my favorite Christmas Traditions here) and there are so many ways to celebrate it. It can be tricky because Easter never falls on the same day and if you live in New England like I do, the weather can vary widely. Here are some of our favorite Easter traditions for every sort of weather!

Resurrection Eggs:

This is one of the most awesome activities to do with kids if you want to talk to them about the Christian narrative. All you need is a dozen plastic eggs and a list of supplies listed here. The best thing about these eggs is that you can reuse them each year! The contents of the eggs are the same, but with each year we discuss more detail about our faith and the importance of Easter. It’s such a great way to get little ones interested in the Christian faith.

Easter Brunch:

Because Easter is on a Sunday and almost everyone I know has to work the next day, an Easter brunch is the answer. The best part about brunch is the sheer volume of make-ahead options available. My overnight french toast is always a huge hit and is made the night before and baked in the morning. Brunch is perfect for those who want to graze all afternoon and still get lots of great food. We host early in the day so that everyone can be home fairly early and still have time to unwind before Monday. Also, it gives you a great excuse to make a cocktail during the day!

Host an Easter Party with Friends:

This is another fun activity to do with kids. You can make candy in Easter molds for a fun activity and do a little mini-egg hunt inside or outside depending on the weather. I like adding some snacks and spring-themed cupcakes. (Read more baking tips here)

Egg Stuffing and Hunt:

I put my little lady to work on the egg stuffing this year and we had a blast. She was excited to check out the goods in advance and got even more excited when I told her she would be searching for these eggs on Easter. This can be a simple Easter morning hunt, or a hunt you coordinate with friends.

If you’re concerned about older kids beating the little ones for the eggs, there are two great solutions. The first is to assign each child a color and have them collect only those eggs. The other is to ask parents to bring an empty egg carton instead of a basket so that each child will get only twelve eggs. Both are effective in avoiding the struggles that often come along with an egg hunt. If the weather is bad, you can definitely make this an indoor activity.

Coloring Eggs:

Although this can be one of the messier activities of the season, we still love it. I’m very traditional and use the Paas egg coloring kit and we stick to the basic colors. Back in the day, my sister and I used to compete in our own “Ugly Egg Contest.” As you can imagine, my mom just loved this when she had a bowl filled with brown and army green eggs (sorry mom!). Think dark colors for clothing and grab a cheap plastic tablecloth and you should be fine!

There are so many other activities out there, but these are our favorites!

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