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Are you bad as a mother?

We will admit that we are a little obsessed with all things space in our home, so I was super excited to throw a space-themed party for my daughter. Even though I am not crafty, it was fairly easy to put together some ideas to make it fun and simple. Read on for our fabulous blast off birthday party!

Fun With Mad Science

While there are tons of ideas about crafts and activities for your party, we chose to hire Mad Science to help bring our space dreams to reality. If you are considering them for a party, they did NOT disappoint. We had a group of about 12 kiddos (ages 3-6) and even the little ones were engaged and excited. We made slime, launched a rocket ship in the backyard and mixed some fun concoctions complete with rainbow liquids and smoke-filled beakers. If you prefer to be your own mad scientist, I have some fun space-themed activities in this post.

Space-y Party Snacks

Although I couldn’t get my hands on some authentic Moon Pies, I grabbed some Milky Ways and Lifesaver jelly rings (think Saturn’s rings) for the table. For our party favors, I made some cupcakes and put them into rocket ship treat boxes to keep with the theme. You could also cut your fruits or cheeses in the shape of stars or moons to make them a little festive.

Make it an Ice-Cream Party

There is nothing like a good ice cream sundae! Instead of the traditional cake, I decided to do sundaes for dessert. To make this process easier, I pre-scooped the ice cream! This made everything so much smoother and faster. With the scoops ready, the kiddos didn’t have to wait long to get started on adding their favorite toppings. I put the toppings in a little lazy Susan style dish and had one at each end of the table. The younger kiddos needed a little bit of help with the toppings, but most were able to grab what they liked pretty easily. We did have chocolate syrup and caramel, but I was happy to dispense those so that we didn’t end up with a lake of chocolate sauce in anyone’s bowl!

The Cake

Making the cake is always my favorite part of the birthday celebration. This year, I spent hours combing Pinterest to find the perfect idea (check out my board here) I finally decided on a rocket for our cake. This is one of the easier cakes I have made over the years (check out my post on baking cakes for dummies here) so I was able to decorate it in under an hour. I always use this recipe for my chocolate cake and this one for my buttercream. They never disappoint!

Decorating in Space

Since I’m not crafty, I used my powers of Amazon and Party City shopping to put everything together. We had a planet table cloth and a great set of paper plates and napkins. I also grabbed some hanging planet decorations and a bunch of table decor as well. I also purchased a birthday shirt with an astronaut and some planets for my daughter to keep with the theme. Overall, it was a pretty awesome celebration. Now, only 364 days to come up with next year’s theme!

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  1. That party sounds and looks great, I could have used this help 35 years ago! Keep up the good work Mom!

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