So many parents struggle with discipline. They worry whether they are too strict or too lenient. I’m not here to judge you, I promise. What I am here to tell you is that you are the one to set the tone. Here are some tried and true tips that I can give you both as

A few years back I was invited to a “Favorite Things” party with Fairfield County Moms Blog. About a year later, my local Mom’s Club hosted one as well. Who was I to ignore the trend on this fun (and easy) party with friends? If you haven’t heard of a Favorite Things Party, listen up! It’s such

Let’s be real, Christmas is a crazy time of year. Social events, school functions, family traditions and basic holiday hubbub fill the month of December and possibly even before to the holiday season begins! There is so much pressure to do so much, it hurts my brain just thinking about it. Let’s get back the

My life is insane. I work a million jobs and my hours vary from week to week. Since I suffer from severe FOMO, I never say no to social events. I am the administrator of a women’s networking group, a babysitting group, and a few others on Facebook. Oh yeah, and I run this blog.

Women like to vent. It’s definitely cathartic. We vent about how our kids are driving us crazy or how our husbands are clueless. There is a very fine line between supporting your friend and all out bashing. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a little bit of both. Sometimes, we want to protect our friends from pain and