Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Gut health is essential! When I was invited to partner with Moms Meet and try Gut Connection by Country Life, I immediately jumped at the chance. Gut Connection is a supplement you can take to improve the balance in the gut. A healthy gut means a stronger immune system, more effective digestion and overall health. Definitely something that interested me.

Follow Your Gut!

What is Gut Connection?

Gut Connection is a supplement designed to work on creating a healthy balance in your gut. It includes ingredients like Epicor which is designed to help maintain good digestive and immune health and Benegut to reduce discomfort and bloating. Because Country Health is a certified B company (learn more about that here), the ingredients are both natural and sustainably sourced! You can feel good about purchasing products from companies who care about their ingredients as well as the environment.

My Review:

I began taking Gut Connection as a supplement each day as directed. For about the first five days, I didn’t notice any difference at all. As I rounded the week out with the supplement, I noticed that I had less bloating after eating certain meals. Since I try to stay mostly gluten and dairy free (except for ice cream), I do often feel bloated when I eat them. While using Gut Connection, I noticed that my body had little to no reaction after eating the foods I mentioned. While I wouldn’t go back and start eating these foods regularly, it did help to reduce the effects when I chose not to avoid them.

Since one of the product claims is that a healthy gut also helps with energy. While taking the supplement, I also noticed that I had less fatigue during the day. I know that so many moms feel fatigued and completely drained by the end of the day. I felt a noticeable difference in my energy levels as well. Let me be clear that I wasn’t suddenly waking up at 4am to run a marathon, but I had less trouble getting out of bed in the morning and more endurance throughout the day. That was a huge bonus in my book.

Last Words

I really liked this product for the results, but also because they didn’t make me feel jittery or racy at all. In the past, I have tried some supplements that have made me feel a little like I’ve had too much caffeine and that doesn’t work for me. This product did not do that, which was awesome! I also love that they are non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher. We try to stay away from anything GMO in out house, so that one is a big deal for us. You can order the product online or simply search for a store nearby. After taking a look at my local area, I found that there were a number of stores who carried the products. Of course, they can be purchased on Amazon as well, but sometimes it’s nice to take a look at the product in store. Country Life also has a variety of supplements that help with immune support, energy and cognitive support as well. You can check them out here for further information.

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