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When I was offered the opportunity to sample Once Again Nut Butter Amoré Hazelnut Spread, I was super excited! As a nut butter junkie, I was especially interested in trying this particular brand because it is both non-GMO and Fair Trade certified. Avoiding gluten? This hazelnut spread is also gluten free! Even more appealing is the fact that its is 100% organic and their tagline is “We Spread Integrity.” I don’t know about you, but there’s something really great about supporting a business who has integrity as an integral part of their brand. It’s obvious that they are committed to making a superior product and I’m definitely on board with that!

Delicious Nutty Flavor

While clean labeling is important to me, the product also has to taste really good. Let me be the first to tell you that this hazelnut spread is the bomb! I was expecting a very sweet, smooth spread like the kinds I have had in the past. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It had a nutty flavor that stood out, but did not overwhelm. It was also far less sugary than I expected. In fact, I did a little investigation and found that Once Again had significantly less sugar than the other brands, which is pretty fantastic. It is also high in protein and fiber, which definitely helps to balance the glycemic load. The consistency of this hazelnut spread has a bit more texture, which we also really enjoyed.

Taste Testing

My first taste tester was my four year old. We usually add peanut butter or almond butter to our waffles, but I asked her to try something different. I put a bit of the spread on her waffles along with some sliced bananas. Success! She loved the flavor.

After meeting our standards, we decided to take this jar for a test drive with our friends. I offered to make a simple dessert of strawberries drizzled with the Once Again Amoré Hazelnut Spread. After trying a bit of the spread, the moms were angling to keep the dessert for themselves. The kiddos weren’t having it! They were definitely not going to miss out on the sweet treats. All of the kids (yes, even the picky ones) enjoyed the spread with their fruit. Pairing the spread with really any fruit would be a great combination!

Would We Purchase Again?

We would definitely purchase this product for ourselves and would highly recommend it. We love both the clean labeling and the fact that it has less sugar than the other brands we typically use. The flavor is what really sold us on the spread, however. It has such a delicious nutty flavor that isn’t overwhelmed by the cocoa. If you check out their recipes page, there are lots of other ways to use this spread and their other nut butters. Cashew butter, I’m coming for you next!


Wanna try some for yourself?

You can enter the Once Again Nut Butter Sweepstakes here for a chance to win a free case of product and a toy raccoon. The sweepstakes is open between April 24 through May 9 and The winners will be announced during the Once Again Nut Butter Facebook Live on May 10. Good Luck!




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  1. Thank you for the great review of our company’s product. I felt your review was honest too, much appreciated. Gael Orr, Mar-Comm & PR Manager for Once Again Nut Butter

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