Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Ah finances. Once the new year begins, just about everyone I know takes some time to evaluate their current financial situation. I follow the amazing Brie Sodano of From Sheep to Shark and she has some great perspective on budgets and financial planning. She has given some great advice in previous posts about Why Budgets Don’t Work and some basic Financial Planning. Here’s a tip: most of our financial goals are not tied to the life we actually want. Say what? If you are interested in hearing more, here’s how to connect your financial goals to the life you want.

Don’t Save

Now that I have your attention please allow me to explain. Saving money for the sake of saving money isn’t a real goal. Sodano encourages people to dig deeper with the “saving money” mentality to figure out the underlying reason for our desire to save. If there is no clear goal in mind, you might not get too far with a goal to “save money.” You might want to secure a nest egg for retirement or to save for a dream vacation. Once you have that end goal in mind, it becomes much easier to plan accordingly!

Be Honest

Many of us have a lifestyle we want, but we haven’t been honest with ourselves about these lifestyle goals. Sit down and really consider what would bring brings you joy. Maybe you want the freedom to take several trips a year. Perhaps your lifestyle involves a daily trip to Starbucks. Your lifestyle might include paying for multiple college educations in full. No matter what your goal, it’s important to recognize what they are in order to achieve them. The money to do those things won’t earn or save itself.

Align Your Priorities

Whatever your goal may be, you have to decide how to achieve it. If your lifestyle goals aren’t supported by your income there must be change. Considering the actual cost of your goals is imperative! Start earning or start saving if your current financial situation doesn’t support your lifestyle goals.

Wanna hear more? Brie is hosting an amazing Money Mastery weekend event where you will spend two days doing the actual work it will take to plan for your best financial life. To learn more about Money Mastery Weekend or to register, click here!

Brie Sodano of From Sheep to Shark

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