Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

I’m gonna give it to you straight. Y’all up here in suburbia are cray cray. This morning I woke up to a little rain with the potential of some snow and schools were closed. CLOSED. Now before you lose your mind and start shouting about student safety and all that jazz, I am all for safety.  But this? This is not safety. This is absurdity.

no more snow days

Educational Disruption

I spent my early career working as a teacher in the New York city Public School system. By the way, we closed twice in eight years. I know what happens when you start teaching a lesson on Hamlet on Monday and you have a snow day on Tuesday. Do you know what happens? You have to start all over because the kids have forgotten everything you taught them. It’s as if the one day off was equivalent to the entire summer vacation. The kids don’t even remember your name. Instead of taking one snow day, just give them the rest of the week off and call it winter recess. Teachers can start all over the next week.

Working Moms

Now I am neither a full time working mom nor a full time stay at home mom, so my schedule is insanely crazy as it is. When these closings happen, you are disrupting EVERYONE. I’m not talking about the snow days where there is actually a foot of snow and nobody can drive. No, not those days. I’m talking about the days where everyone in the universe is expected to be at work, but you have to somehow find coverage for your child. Yeah, that is really convenient.

We live in the Northeast…DUH

Snow is expected. Sometimes it comes in little drips and drabs all season and other times it comes a few times and dumps a whole foot. We know this. You can smell it in the air when a good snow is on its way. We have hats and coats and gloves. We have ice scrapers and salt and sand. We know (well, some of us do) how to drive when the weather is tricky. Most of the people up here have four wheel drive, so the odds are pretty good that we can get around in a little bit of snow. People in other places are laughing at our “snow” days when an inch falls. I mean, come on – we are not North Carolina (no offense.)

What’s Next?

People are always willing to defend the schools. There are a whole host of reasons why schools need to close when someone even so much as whispers the word snow. For example, the bus cant get down the street (but there is no snow) it’s too cold (but it was -8 last week) the teen drivers won’t be safe (um, they never are) and lots of others. You get my point, no? Bottom line, if there’s no incredibly large amount of snow coming, I fully support opening the schools. Next thing you know we will be closing because of too much sunshine. Is that a thing? I hope not.

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