Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

I’m not the etiquette queen or anything and I’m not proposing we all start setting our dinner tables with six forks. However, basic social etiquette is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. I mean, what the hell happened to courtesy? I know y’all are busy, but damn. It seems to me that there is some serious lack of manners in today’s world. Am I crazy? Here are my top list of offenses in the digital world.

Texting Etiquette:

In cyberspace it seems that anything goes. Since we are all so busy and important, texting is usually the preferred method of communication. As a mom, I’m totally fine with that. However, a conversation via text should resolve of it’s own volition. Sometimes that’s not exactly the case. These days people don’t even have the courtesy to say “hey, how are you doing?” to initiate a conversation with someone they haven’t spoken to for awhile. No. Much too complicated. They just come right in with, “where was that hair salon you said was good?” And you respond with, “You mean, Curls for Days?” And they MIGHT not even respond. Most times they won’t even say THANK YOU. Are you kidding me? A simple thank you would suffice. Or here’s something really crazy, why don’t you ask me how I’m doing? Girl, you can text me back while you’re getting your damn hair done because let’s be honest… Nobody in the this world goes anywhere without their phone. You’re not fooling anyone with that nonsense.

Face to Face Etiquette:

When you’re a mom, you really start to realize how small your world is. Because we all tend to drop our kids off to the same activities and frequent the same stores at the same time, it’s impossible to not recognize the same faces. If you’re in any type of moms group on Facebook, you may even  start to put some names with those familiar faces. So why the cold shoulder? I mean I’m totally fine if you hate my guts based on no information whatsoever (that’s a whole other issue). What baffles me is that people can’t seem to simply greet one another like normal human beings. If you’re all over Facebook commenting and messaging, then why are you walking around with a completely different in-person personality? Say hello for God’s sake. If haven’t had your coffee yet, a simple head nod will suffice. I see moms flat out ignoring one another on the regular. Not sure I get it. Please learn how to master the nod or wave if you have difficulty actually making conversation.


Invitation Etiquette:

Now I can definitely say I’m guilty of being the forever “maybe” responder, but that is because my clients often switch days and times on me pretty quickly. I want the organizer to know I’m interested. Some of y’all? You know who you are. You view an invite on Facebook or on evite and you do.not.respond. Why? Does it really take that long to click a button on your phone screen? Like seriously? Are you that rude that you and fourteen other people are just going to leave a host wondering if she has 10 or 24 people coming? Because that’s just ridiculous. And everyone is doing it. Just say no. You don’t even need to provide a reason. I’m sure the host would appreciate the response. Ya know, because it’s not optional.

Cancellation Etiquette:

Maybe you don’t have the issue of forgetting to RSVP, but people know they pretty much can’t count on you. You say yes to everything and then cancel 30 minutes before the event begins. Come on, dude. I’m fine with an occasional cancel because everyone gets tired, or PMS, or sick kid, cranky husband…I mean I could go on and on. If you’re a repeat offender, then you really have to stop doing that. Maybe you have just had a bad string of luck?  If not, people will stop inviting you altogether. Unless that’s what you want. In that case, you are well on your way to isolation status. 

Now I know there are times I have genuinely forgotten to respond and I would like to think that I have apologized for my faux pas (did I spell that right?). Life happens and we all get caught up in whatever fresh hell awaits us in mommy world. However, without some basic courtesy, how can we model these behaviors for our children? If you’re one of these offenders, the good news is that you can change! So go login to Facebook and do some RSVP-ing. Trust me. You will thank me later.

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