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Are you bad as a mother?

My daughter is a bit of a space junkie. Since she was two, she has always been fascinated with all things space. As luck would have it, so am I! If you are looking for some general STEM toy recommendations, check out this post. If you have a space lover in the family, I have some of my favorite activities and toys for your space loving kiddo.

Space Rock Literacy

This is such a fun activity for little ones and needs little to no preparation. Grab some aluminum foil, some magnetic letters and get to work. You can use this activity along with your favorite book or to work strictly with sight words. Pick out a few words and write them on a card or white board. Take the letters that spell each of the words and put them inside a foil ball (space rock) and allow your kiddo to open the space rocks to reveal the letters and spell the words. Depending on how old your child is, you could have them practice sounding out words or work on sight word recognition. It’s always a fun way to incorporate literacy into an easy and inexpensive activity.

Create Your Own Planet

This is an easy activity that can be modified to suit just about any age. You can start with a book like this one that describes the our universe. When you are finished, you can ask your child to create a new planet. This can be drawn, sketched, modeled from clay or painted. Kids can name their new planet and even create stats on what their planet’s environment might be like! This is a great way to incorporate some STEM skills along with creativity in just about any medium.

Molding our own planets
Creating our own solar systems

Looking for some books about Space?

Listed below are some of our favorites! Although there are plenty more, these are the books we return to time and time again.

Here We Are

Here We Are has such great information about our universe that children are naturally drawn to the way the information is presented. The pictures are detailed and the text is not too technical. Any space lover will enjoy this beautiful book.

The Planets

The Planets is a wonderfully colorful book that immediately engaged my daughter. We are lovers of all things National Geographic (see my post on their books I got to sample here) Although some of the information may be too technical for your very young child, the pictures are a great conversation starter for even the littlest space enthusiasts.

Big Book of Space

Big Book of Space is a fantastic book with lots of fun facts and beautiful photos. This book has a TON of information, but is a great reference tool even for mire advanced readers.

Space Toys

We absolutely love this puzzle, bit only because of the photo, but because of the quality. It is the perfect size for my five year old and we loved doing it over and over again as a family.

This mini planetarium is awesome. It feels like the real deal because the slides and projection is clear. I love the fact that you can also use this as a “star projector” as well to fill the ceiling with a slowly rotating celestial sky. The projection is movable so that you can project on the ceiling or wall from the best angle. This has been one of our absolute favorites for quite some time.

We have so many cool space-themed books and activities that I might have to do a second post. These are so great to start with if you have a preschooler or early elementary kiddo. I would love to hear some of your favorite space-themed recommendations!

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