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Are you bad as a mother?

It’s a new year and that means that parents everywhere are struggling with problematic playrooms. Because there is a ton of stuff that arrived late last year via Santa and family members, the playroom has become overstuffed with a plethora of disorganized toys. Do not worry! I have some great organization tips to help you keep the playroom as neat and organized as possible. If you aren’t quite ready to tackle the whole playroom, I have some micro-organization tips in this post.

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Assess the Playroom Situation and Be Ruthless:

There is a chance that your child(ren) have items in their playroom that they haven’t played with in months. It’s time to let those items go, yo! If you didn’t prepare before the holidays, its okay. You can check out my post on giving here, where I  show you how I get my daughter involved in the donation process. Anything that is missing pieces or parts should go straight to the garbage. Don’t spend too much time overthinking.

Group the Items:

As you start thinning out the toys, find out ways to group your items. For example, we have all of our science-related toys together in one bin. We have lots of stuffed animals, so we keep those together as well. Once you see what you have a large amount of, you can start to review the type of storage you might need. Since we are overstuffed with art supplies (I swear this kid doesn’t have my genes at all), We use something just like this colorful organizer to tame the clutter.

Measure Before you Purchase:

I used to be one of those people that got all excited about organizing that I would end up running to the store and buying things that didn’t fit. This is a big no-no. For example, we have an enormous canvas bag for our stuffed animals because my daughter loves them. Before I finally realized how large our collection was, I invested in two other bins that didn’t fit the bill. Don’t do any guesswork unless you don’t mind multiple trips to the store.

Map Out the Space:

In order for the playroom to stay organized, the items have to be accessible and organized. This applies not only to you, but also your child. I love buying things that are functional and organized (hello, I’m type A!), but I also like them to be colorful and inviting. You want your child to be able to access the items easily so that they can become more independent. Since we have a small space, I am always looking for ways to keep the room open for play, but also able to store lots of items easily and neatly. This  teacher cart along with these plastic storage tubs have been with us since we lived in a small condo. We love that is on wheels! Those of you with small spaces can roll this right out of sight when you need to. The sturdy bins are perfect height for kids to reach and grab what they need.

Be Cautious:

Stack items that you want your children to play with you out of reach. Things like Play-Doh and kinetic sand are on higher shelves in our home so that we can avoid a mommy meltdown. We also use these  Cloth Storage Bins to keep some of the toys out of sight and on higher shelves. They can be plenty messy inside, but look nice an organized on the shelf. Did I mention they are colorful and inviting? If you have smaller children, these are great to store items with small pieces.

Playrooms aren’t meant to be picture perfect, but it’s helpful to organize them in a way that is pleasing to both parents and children. Remember that these rooms often evolve, so it’s always nice to check in often to be sure that your space is being used in the best way possible. Happy Organizing!

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