Ah finances. Once the new year begins, just about everyone I know takes some time to evaluate their current financial situation. I follow the amazing Brie Sodano of From Sheep to Shark and she has some great perspective on budgets and financial planning. She has given some great advice in previous posts about Why Budgets

If you didn’t know, October is National Financial Planning month! If you are a part-time employee, saving money can take a back seat to survival when it comes to living on a smaller income. Many women without full time work find themselves victim to the ebb and flow of side hustles. Without a steady income,

If you have been struggling to get your budgets to work, you are not alone. This year I have really started to take budgeting more seriously, so I asked Brie Sodano of Sheep to Shark for some advice.  Apparently, budgets don’t actually work in real life. Now don’t start losing your mind. Sodano doesn’t recommend

Friends and money. Money and friends. That mix can be…um…complicated. According to a recent survey, the pressure to spend money and “keep up” financially, affects one in five friendships, sometimes leading to “friend breakups.” Maybe you can relate. Perhaps you’re in a season where you can’t spend much money. Maybe you and your friends are

Save. That is what everyone I know is trying to do. January comes and everyone has a new year to make better choices about their health, their money, and their relationships. A bunch of my friends are trying out some new ways to save money. Some even have more lofty goals like owning less or