I used to be the kind of person that spent the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s making plans. I developed elaborate resolution lists. Since I am Type-A, I would make charts and lists trying to create my best self for the new year. Those resolutions and plans were usually pretty great. However, I

Think you are almost finished with your holiday shopping? You better not forget the tips. Bet you didn’t know that there were so many tips to give around Christmas.  Back in the day  your child’s teacher got a mug and a card and you called it a day (sidebar- don’t give teachers any more mugs.

Each year, someone inevitably posts the question, “What should I get my child’s teacher this Christmas?” Every post gets no short of 35 comments, all with conflicting information about what teachers want. I mean, it’s a mom’s group. Of course nobody agrees. As a teacher and a mom, I can definitely give you some insider

If you haven’t already guessed, Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  Full disclosure: I did make this known here in my 5 Things you Don’t know About me post. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas as a whole season, rather than just one nightmarish blur of obligatory events.  In the past, I

Christmas is quickly approaching which means there are millions of presents to wrap, errands to run, gifts to buy (yes I know way to wait) and of course, meals to plan! Christmas Eve my family and I spend it with my husband’s family in NY. They are the traditional Italian family which means the Feast