I used to be the kind of person that spent the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s making plans. I developed elaborate resolution lists. Since I am Type-A, I would make charts and lists trying to create my best self for the new year. Those resolutions and plans were usually pretty great. However, I

Think you are almost finished with your holiday shopping? You better not forget the tips. Bet you didn’t know that there were so many tips to give around Christmas.  Back in the day  your child’s teacher got a mug and a card and you called it a day (sidebar- don’t give teachers any more mugs.

I cannot believe that it’s been a whole year since this labor of love went live. One year ago, I decided to take the plunge and start blogging for myself (if you don’t know much about me, click here). It has been hard and frustrating at times, but it has also been an incredible ride.

If you didn’t know, October is National Financial Planning month! If you are a part-time employee, saving money can take a back seat to survival when it comes to living on a smaller income. Many women without full time work find themselves victim to the ebb and flow of side hustles. Without a steady income,

I am going to give it to you straight; we are all judging. When I say judging, I don’t mean the gossipy, “you are a horrible person” kind of judgment. I’m talking about the compare and assess kind. It’s impossible to live life in a vacuum so I’m going to be the first to say