If you didn’t know, October is National Financial Planning month! If you are a part-time employee, saving money can take a back seat to survival when it comes to living on a smaller income. Many women without full time work find themselves victim to the ebb and flow of side hustles. Without a steady income,

Independence is one of the greatest things that parents can teach their children. Since moms are usually pressed for time, we often find ourselves just doing things to help just to get things done faster. If you don’t already know, I am all about shaving time from my already crazy schedule. I tried to merge

Breakfast The Fast and Easy Way

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day blah blah blah. I’m all about making an awesome breakfast, but I am also usually in a serious time crunch. I have practically perfected the art of cooking virtually nothing in the morning, thanks to my plan-ahead meals. This means a few extra minutes of snuggle

If you have been struggling to get your budgets to work, you are not alone. This year I have really started to take budgeting more seriously, so I asked Brie Sodano of Sheep to Shark for some advice.  Apparently, budgets don’t actually work in real life. Now don’t start losing your mind. Sodano doesn’t recommend

I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff. When I say stuff, I mean the stuff I physically own. Initially, I was inspired by this post by The Realistic Organizer, which is a challenge to remove 60 items from your home in 60 days. As early as the third or fourth day, I realized that there was