Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

I can imagine how shocked you are when you read the title of this post. As a mom of a small child, it seems insane that a trip to Disney isn’t on our agenda. Since my daughter was born, people have been talking to me about when I would be planning my trip to Disney. We are almost six years in and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Don’t hate me. Just read on.

We aren’t princess heavy

Although anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a “girlie girl,” I didn’t used to be. In fact, my daughter tends to be the same in that she isn’t interested in dolls or princesses. Sure, she has seen all the Disney princess movies (okay, some of them), but she doesn’t seem to want to run right out and get a ball gown. I was the same. I can’t even remember owning a single doll in my lifetime and I wasn’t attached to any particular princess gear. While I realize that princesses aren’t the only thing Disney has to offer, we will pass on the princess tea parties. Sorry, Cinderella.

Disney planning gives me a headache

Whenever I see a post from a mom asking for information about planning a trip to Disney, there are no short of 168 comments. Buy this fast pass, get up at 5 am to schedule your dinner reservations at exactly 12.6 hours in advance, stay on property, stay off property, see all four parks in one day, do the park at night, only go during the day, split your day. O.M.G. I can’t even imagine what kind of decision-making skills I would need just to plan this freaking trip. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about the meal options!

There’s literally no good time to go

School vacations? Packed. Summer? Boiling hot. September? That’s okay, your kid doesn’t need to be in school the first week. Winter? Flights going south are 9 million dollars. I keep trying to find an “optimal” time to go and all roads point to taking my kid out of school for a week or withdraw from my 401K. I hear it’s lovely on Thanksgiving morning. Maybe I can eat my turkey during the parade down Main Street?

Disney vs. Everywhere Else

Now listen, I’m not saying I hate Disney. After all, who can resist Mary Poppins (yes, the original). However, standing on line at a theme park just doesn’t seem to be at the top our list these days. Give us a beach just about anywhere and we will do just fine. I can’t wait for the day that I can tour the Vatican with my girl. Okay, I may be getting just a bit ahead of myself.

If Disney is your jam then more power to you, but I think we will most likely sit this one out. Think of us fondly as you watch the fireworks over Magic Kingdom. I promise we won’t be jealous.

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