Bad As A Mother

Are you bad as a mother?

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the keto diet. Instagram accounts everywhere are showing unbelievable transformations and all roads lead to keto. Many people I know have been very successful on it, including my husband. Although I am not completely against keto, I would say that it simply doesn’t work for me. Here are some of the things that made me say no to keto.

More Migraines

As a long time migraine sufferer, this was one of the side effects that I could not live with. After getting my migraines under control about two years ago, I was happy to say that the number of migraines on my calendar had significantly decreased to about 1 every other month. Once I began the keto diet, within about 30 days I had racked up close to eight migraines. My suspicion is that there was too much dairy in the diet, which is a known trigger for me. After realizing that migraine days would increase if I continued, I definitely had to opt out.

Too Much Dairy

I am positive that there are some ways to modify this diet to fit a dairy free lifestyle, but modifications didn’t seem very simple. Many of the recipes I found relied heavily on cheeses and heavy cream to add in the appropriate amount of fat. For soups I was able to substitute coconut cream for heavy cream, but for other recipes this was not an option. Without many options, the diet seemed like a lot more trouble than it was worth.

The Keto Flu

Like most drastic changes to any eating pattern, the keto flu begins to start on about day three of the diet. This is a period of time where you start to feel very sick. Whenever your body starts a new style of eating, it needs time to adjust and keto is no exception. I have done detoxing-style diets which would give me a headache for about a day or so, but the symptoms didn’t seem to last long. With keto, it seemed like a lifetime of dizziness and nausea. With two jobs and a young child, I was hoping for a shorter time with the symptoms and decided to quit while I was ahead.

Same Old, Same Old

I am always a little suspicious of diets that eliminate a certain foods and food groups for prolonged periods of time. For example, most elimination diets even allow for reintroduction of the foods so as to assess the level of sensitivity. Keto? Not so much. I cannot imagine a life without essential grains like quinoa and brown rice. Even many fruits are forbidden. I began to worry about the value of the foods I was putting into my body when there didn’t seem to be as much variety as I had hoped.

Is Keto for you?

Maybe. My husband is really enjoying it and even sleeps better than ever. I don’t believe that the ketogenic diet is bad, but I do think it isn’t optimal for all bodies. If you are considering keto, do some research and try it out for yourself. Do not feel discouraged if you find that it isn’t for you. As for me, I’m back to eating whole and unprocessed foods. That has always been the key to my most healthy self.

Would love to hear about your experiences with keto. Do you say yay or nay to the keto lifestyle?

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